Kindness Threshold Power

How about Zwift starting a KTP instead of FTP? Promote KINDNESS. Kindness Threshold Power. Make it based simply on the number of RIDEONS one gives to others. Motivating others. Getting them more drops. You could either count TOTAL of ride ons over time or average of rideons per ride ? Something pretty simple. It helps promote Zwift and kindness among the world. What do you think?

interesting idea, but unintended consequence would be a constant storm of blue thumbs on every ride and that might be too much and get annoying real fast as everyone tries to increase their number.

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To add to this, what about being able to give ride ons using the circle in companion app to folk traveling in both directions, I mean surely toy acknowledge folk going in the opposite direction while riding in real life

You can already do this. You just have to be in range as they’re passing by. My guess, though, is that if you’re with a group larger than five riders, the game prioritizes the ones heading the same direction as you, but I could be wrong.

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You are right. I do this all the time.

If they incentivize giving rideons then people will spam rideons for the incentive, and then they will become less meaningful (if they initially had meaning). I’d actually rather they make them less spammable which would result in fewer yet more meaningful rideons :slight_smile:

Kindness isn’t kindness if you expect a reward.

Anyone interested in a philosophical discussion about true altruism?