Kikr bike Bluetooth disconnections

I have a kikr bike and about once per 1 hour all the Bluetooth connection to the bike drop for about 10 secs then reconnect… not sure the hr drops or not to be honest or just the bike . Windows 10, Mai gaming computer, bike firmware is up to date. Bt is built into the pc. I think I have a spare bt dongle, guess I can try that and see if it still happens, anyone else experience anything like this?

Throw a log file onto to see what’s happening and share the link to the results. Since you are using onboard BT, its very possible that you are getting interference but a house has plenty of things that can cause havoc so can be a pain to diagnose … so putting BT dongle as close to the sensors is a smart move.

You can also try an ANT+ dongle. You get get a Wahoo dongle with an USB extension cable either directly from Wahoo, or get it from REI for $40. There are also many options of dongle only on Amazon, and you can get extension cable separately (but beware of the Chinese low end devices, read reviews carefully).

Some people have better level of success with BT, some with ANT+. I suppose, it depends on several factors, quality and generation of BT chips in their hardware, distance to the trainer, and interferences which you may have at home.

It should not be the case, but I would also check power settings of the BT driver in your computer to make sure that it is not configured to put BT device to sleep after an hour.

In my personal case, also with Kickr Bike, I found that ANT+ works better for me. The only downside, steering in Zwift does not work with ANT+, but so far I found no use of steering. I do not know why I would even want to use it, but I imagine, some super fancy racers can benefit from it.

will try and figure that out today…

thanks Andrei,

I prefer ANT+ and I do have the dongle - always found it connected faster and super reliable on my kikr trainer - however it does not support steering as you said and more importantly doesn’t change the incline on my bike… I think, I was under impression it was one-way only comms? Not 100% sure on that, and it’s kind of a gimmick but I like it on the hilly bits of sand and sequoia gives a little realism and makes me smile :slight_smile: but it only seems to connect to speed and power. I will try my other BT dongle and see if its the same first I guess.

Bill, frame tilt on the Kickr Bike works fine with ANT+. I use ANT+ all the time, and tilt works very well in Zwift, Rouvy, and BingRingVR (the three apps which I subscribe to).

There can be three reasons why you may have not had success with it:

  1. tilt is automatically disabled when you ride a workout. It only works during free rides or group rides. I understand this is because the power which you are able to generate may somewhat depend on incline of the frame, so Zwift protects you from influence of the terrain (because workouts are not linked to a specific route or a specific terrain).
  2. You need to press a button on the control unit of the trainer (on the side of the little box next to your right knee which shows the gear which you are in) to “unlock” the trainer.
  3. Your set “trainer difficulty” to very low value or zero (it also scales the tilt which your bike executes).

Of course if you did not connect your Kickr Bike as a controllable (Zwift config screen should show the same ANT+ device in three out of five tabs of the connection screen), it can also be a reason, but then, the resistance would not change with ups and downs, which I doubt is the case 'cause you do not complain about it.

Thanks, I may not have discovered the lock button when I first tried ant+. In which case if it is just steering, I could live without. Need to set some time aside to work on it, when I go to do a workout I just want to get started, and after I just want a shower :-). Thanks again!

Bill Dossett