KICKR CLIMB simulating rough terrains

Has there been any thought to programming the CLIMB to simulate gravel, cobblestone, wooden bridges or other rough terrain? Rapid small increases and decreased in height can simulate riding over rough terrain such as the wooden bridges.

Interesting, but that would probably be for Wahoo to implement rather than Zwift. The ‘road feel’ in certain indoor trainers (like some Tacx models) is on their programming side, not Zwift’s.

However, I wouldn’t want to use a current KICKR CLIMB with that capability.
My babied, roughly six-month-old CLIMB was running fine until all of a sudden the belt snapped while I was riding the New York course on a section with a strong change in gradient, which dropped my front axle about eight inches in a fraction of a second. I felt lucky not to be hurt. Since then, I have read of numerous other belt-snap cases. Having taken mine apart to investigate the design and build, I decided not to risk getting another.
Any ‘road feel’ system that applies rapid and repeated changes in position/tension to the CLIMB’s belt would only accelerate the process of fatiguing it, surely?

As a side note, I think it’s interesting that Elite’s new Rizer seems to employ a very different mechanism that renders impossible sudden changes in vertical position. :wink:

Have you considered riding in the real world?