Kickr Bike Reading Much Lower Wattage vs. Snap

Hi, thanks for this. I have just bought a Tacx Flux direct drive, moved from the Nero Elite.I was happily a mid B Cat rider and pushing 3.2W/Kg - 3.5W/Kg. I now struggle to get higher than 2.0W/Kg.

I’ve calibrated the Tacx and it feels like a much tougher ride than the wheel on trainer I was using before.

Any thoughts please folks?

Hi @J_onny_Race3R, welcome to the forums. Wheel on trainers are generally known for not being as accurate as a direct drive trainer. Did you happen to verify your power was correct or accurate with the old wheel on trainer? I thought the Elite Nero are rollers, not wheel on trainers?

Doh! Sorry I got it wrong, the wheel on trainer was a Elite Novo Smart.
Thanks for the reply, I’ve just tried a firmware upgrade again on the Tacx utility app.

I wasn’t able to verify wheel on was correct, prior to that I had a Jet-black Z1 fluid trainer and the results were very similar.
Thanks again for the reply

Accuracy of the Novo is +/- 5% and the Flux is +/- 3% so you should have a more accurate setup now and were probably getting over estimated power with the Novo. That is quite common I believe.

doh! I was hoping that wasn’t the case… back to CAT C for me then.
Again, thanks for taking the time to reply.

I have the same issue… about 20 -30 W lower. Adding insult to injury I gave My kicker snap to my 14-year-old and now he’s outpacing me!