KICKR and drafting

Maybe it’s just me, but holding the draft seems to be hard, if I maintain constant cadence, I will slingshot out of the draft, then catch air and fall back.    It seems like rather than varying resistance to make power for the current speed the system is using the power output and speeding me up in the draft even though cadence is the same.  There’s no feathering the brakes since the rear wheel is off for the KICKR too…

Thanks for the feedback! We’re working on some more improvements to drafting now. Have you noticed if you’re only feeling this way on flats, hills, or constantly?

Also, are you feeling it’s hard to draft people, or AIs?

Mostly AIs – I haven’t really drafted a person as either they have been way faster than I am, or they are on a recovery lap and I am faster than I am.

Usually on the flats, but on the hills too.


It’d seem like if the speed of the kickr were used and resistance is varied, it’d be easier.


Thanks for the reply and the great product!

I also like to have electric brakes for the kickr. Why can’t I increase resistance by pressing a mouse button. So I tape a second mouse at my handlebar and use it as brakes.