effect of drafting using rollers

I assume the game experience of drafting with a smart trainer results in less resistance. Is there any effect with rollers or other dumb trainers? Like maybe you can stay with the rider you are drafting with less effort/watts? I’ve only done one ride and I wasn’t really sure whether something like that was happening.


I think it does get easier, I ride rollers, maybe it’s an illusion but as far as I can tell you can go faster with less watts when in a draft… but I really am not 100% sure on that

Actually even with a smart trainer (I have a KICKR) it doesn’t seem to get easier - you just go faster. The same with powerups. It appears the resistance stays the same as if you’re not drafting, but your speed goes up significantly.

Powerups behave the same. With the feather it doesn’t feel easier to ride up the hill, but you go faster.

There is no “feel” on rollers since there is no way for the game to control them currently…but when you are drafting you should either see your speed increase or your power decrease. It’s like going up or down the hill. You don’t feel the grade but you see your speed change.