Kicking fence sucks

It’s cool to ride as a blob, but the training effect is more important to me. So if an event is announced as x W/kg and the leader prefers to go x/2 W/kg, it should be possible to gather a small group and break away without getting kicked from the event.
Alternatively it would be nice if we had to push +5 % Watts for every 10m in front of the leader.

Do a workout then, or a race. :+1:

The whole point of a group ride is to ride in a group.


If you search for events in the ZwiftHacks events app, you can see if they have the “Fenced” or “No kick mode” options set. Aside from races, the Fundo events are not fenced and can be ridden like races if you like.

You can still form a small group and get the training you want. Being kicked from the event won’t hurt your training and it won’t disturb the rest of the group that want to ride with the leader.

But as others have stated group rides is to ride in a group with the group leader.


Another option is to make the ride harder: make yourself heavier, taller, stay out of the draft, discard powerups, use a mountain bike on paved routes, hold your breath for 5 seconds every few minutes. Do everything wrong in terms of performance. These are better options than not respecting the ride that’s offered.


As others have said, show some respect for the leader and riders of the group ride: choose a different, more challenging ride or a group workout; change bikes to MTB or TT so you have to work much harder; give the group a head start and then race to catch, repeat as necessary; or, quite simply, join a pace partner.

Joining a group ride with the aim of disrupting it is worse than being a half-wheeler IRL


Then choose an event appropriate to your needs rather than negatively impacting the experience for others.