Keyboard shortcuts on ios


I’ve read that the ios app doesn’t support keyboard shortcuts?

Why not?

It would be so much easier to have a bluetooth keyboard in front of me and press space to enable a power up or m and then start typing to send my message?

As the shortcuts already exist this should be a relatively quick thing to implement?

I found this post:

But it seems to have been archived?


Not enough demand for this feature apparently.

I paired a BT keyboard with ATV, but it fails to respond to the Zwift app.

Out of curiosity I also paired the keyboard with my iphone running Zwift, but again the keyboard had no effect. Not sure about an iPad, but it seems there is no provision for any IOS device running Zwift to use a keyboard. I guess it’s all about the touch screen, but you would think the Zwift coders would realize that there is no touch screen on the Apple TV. The companion app is the only resource that interacts consistently with the ATV app. (camera angle, group chat, kudos, etc…), the remote works, but it’s inconsistent if trying to use the touch pad. Perhaps having a towel on hand to wipe the hands before using the remote, it might improve the response. The salt and sweat moisture seems to mess with the capacitive nature of the device.

I sent an inquiry to tech support to ask if IOS keyboard support will ever be considered. So far no response. I’ll post any definitive response.


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