Keiser M3i with updated computer board

Hello everyone,
I am new to Zwift, and I am using an Keiser M3i with the new computer board. IT has the ability to connect and send Cadence, Speed and Watts directly to Zwift. After an FTP session today, I noticed that the distance in Zwift is different than the distance calculated by the M3i computer, by 7 km; in Zwift it was 17,89 km while in Keiser was 24,4 km.

I am trying to figure out why this big difference exists, particularly since that Watts in both Keiser and Zwift were consistent throughout the session.

Any thoughts or ideas about this? Many thanks!

Does the Keiser adjust your resistance and speed when you hit a hill in Zwift?

If not it thinks you are powering along on the flat while Zwift takes in to account the fact that you are going up a hill.

Thank you Paul. The Keiser does not automatically adjust resistance. I change the gear manually to keep within the Watts required by Zwift for the exercise. I try maintain a cadence that’s around 90-95 rpm and then change the gear to stay within the Watts.

The difference in distance may be because the Keiser bike does not take into fact hills and that when riding hilly routes, you cover less distance per watt expended. Zwift distances are typically lower than the Keiser bike and I do not even consider the Keiser distance for my Zwift rides.

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There is no relationship between the distance in Zwift and that on the Keiser bike, since Zwift had many variables that don’t exist on Keiser such as elevation, drafting, power ups, etc. Enjoy zwift on your Keiser!