Kappa Quest Route Badge

Got up to 25k on Kappa Quest and still no route badge. Device is Apple TV

you need to choose the route before you start your ride, plus sometimes it glitches, are u sure u have ridden till the finish sometimes a leading is very long

Also, myself and another rider did the route a number of times. Check in your badge collection. I think the bug is that it just does not appear on your screen in-game. After doing around 8 times I finally decided to check my account and it was in there. LOL

This one?

did you ide with the HUD off and missed the banner?


No. And in fact, I was riding with another friend and they also did not get it. I did do the route a number of times following and went back to check the library of badges and now it appears. My friend is going back again to try also.

On Apple TV, the route completion banner now only seems to appear when you’re saving the ride, not at the time you ride through the banner. Or at least that’s what it does with the HUD off, since that’s how I’ve been riding in Yumezi.

I did the Kappa Quest route yesterday on AppleTV and it worked as always. I got the banner when I crossed the arch and I got the badge. I didn´t use the companion app, I rode with HUD off and switched it on when the arch came into sight.

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Interesting. So it sounds like if you go under a route completion banner with HUD off, you don’t get tthe competition pop-up until you save the ride. Which is fine with me, I was just surprised when I saw it work that way.

I did another new route with HUD off, in that case I turned the HUD on AFTER I crossed the arch. I caught the last second of the banner and got the badge so the switched-off HUD didn´t seem to have an impact, you just don´t see the banner with HUD off, so you don´t get a notification when the route is finished.

Ridden this route twice now and still no badge awarded. Same with spirit forest!!

It look like you stopped short or made a manual turn in both your attempts.

See the route map you have to go the the KOM twice.

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Thanks, have realised I’m not taking into account the lead-in. I’ll have another go!