"Just Ride" vs "workout" / Sim vs ERG vs manual resistance

still trying to learn how to use this app on iMac, and iPad

when in “Just Ride” mode, is there is no way to turn off environmental simulation resistance, and go to manual restistance adjustment? only the “trainer difficulty” slider in the “settings” menu?
and only “workout” mode ignores environmental simulation.

when in “workout” mode, with ERG turned off, i get 2 sets of UP and DOWN arrows

i’ve discovered that its the two on the right that adjust resistance.
what do the the pair of arrows on the left do? i haven’t figure this out.
there also isn’t any thermometer, or scale to indicate the percentage of intensity as the resistance arrows are manipulated. like a “pop-up” indicator or something?

is there a suggestion box anywhere? because that would be very nice to know

ok, i put on my glasses and just saw the resistance thermometer

Hi @Seth_Prince

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That first two arrows control the FTP Bias. you can ajust your training program up and down by up to 10 %

The second set of arrows change the trainer resistance in a free ride block.