Make manual resistance mode in workouts more user friendly

When you have selected a workout and switch off ERG mode on a smart trainer, you enter some kind of “manual resitance mode”. The details a vague so I propose the following:

  • Document the existance of this mode and how it works in the “ERG mode in Workouts” help document. The document only talks about ERG and SIM (gradient based) mode, however when you select a workout you will never end up in a gradient based mode which is misleading.
  • The resistance in this manual mode can be selected via up/down buttons in the HUD. The buttons have icons identical to those for the FTP BIAS. This is bad UI/UX. At least add a “FTP” text to those used for the FTP BIAS.
  • When you adjust the resistance, the current value is shown via a tiny bar near the top of the screen. Make this bar more visible and add a textual representation of the current value (eg. percent). Without that, it is nearly impossible to find the same value again.