Resistance through the roof

Morning all,

I had to step away for a bit due to an injury but as I’ve started back I’ve discovered the resistance when I’m in trainer mode is through the roof. I’ve dropped my ftp down but I’m still almost at a standstill and it doesn’t seem to get better for riding for a bit. There’s no calibration option anymore so I’m not sure what else it could be or what else I can do. I don’t see any currently known issues but I know there are always updates and changes so…


check your pairing screen that you connect as both Power source and controllable.


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I connected to everything but a heart rate monitor with no problems.

Its not called controlable anymore, now its resistance… “controls” are for play or click controllers.

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Correct, it is resistance. There doesn’t appear to be any options to adjust it, but I’ve never had to before.

Which trainer are you using? I assume you’re talking about ERG mode but how does it perform with ERG mode disabled, either in a workout or a free ride?