Just curious - any success with a Life Fitness Lifecycle C3?

I use Zwift with a Tacx Vortex Smart Trainer and find it just fine. I can’t imaging doing the mountain without automatic resistance!

I also have a a Life fitness Lifecycle C3. I notice it’s not in the list of supported trainers and I’m assuming it’s not usable with Zwift. Just out of interest, has anyone used a Lifecycle with Zwift with any degree of success? Is it a complete non-starter?



I have a Life Fitness IC7 (also known as Tomahawk IC7 in Germany). It works with Zwift after coupling it with the iOS App for the bike (ICG Training). When you then start a Watt-training, the ANT+ data is transmitted to your PC or whatever you use with an ANT+ dongle. Does not support bluetooth, though, I believe. I guess the IC3 does the same

Hi. Curious, @Alejandro, have you ever tried to also run Zwift on iOS? For example using the Team ICG app in an iPhone and then Zwift on an iPad? In theory it should work if you for example use the 4iiii Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor as a ant/BT hub. I am planning to try this myself on an IC7. Have ordered a 4iiii heart rate monitor :slight_smile:

@Robin: I think I had tried to run Zwift a few months back on an iPad with the IC7 and with the IC7 app running in parallel, but not sure any more. Had sold the IC7 about 2 months back and moved to Tacx Neo as I preferred the geometry of cycling with a real race bike. I remember that with the IC7 I could have a proper setup, including HR monitoring (was using bluetooth Polar HR belt). But also missed ERG mode on the IC7 for the training programs. Liked the IC7, though, for built quality and sturdiness.

Thanks for update. Great choice you have made, the Neo looks great. I am going to try to get it to work with the IC7 since my gym have a lot of them. If I get it to work and I get “stuck” :wink: with Zwift, then I most likely look at my own setup in the future.

@Robin Blomquist Can you let me know how you get on with the IC7? My Turbo is out of action at the moment and my gym has lots of IC7’s too (puregym) and it would be cool to get zwift connected to it too. I’m gonna try w/ my ipad later on this week. I will report back with any success!

Hi. Ic7 plus a Viiii heart rate monitor works with Zwift! Right now I only have one issue, pretty important… rpm doesn’t transmit continuously, only every second. Watt I transferred constantly

Hi @Robin_Blomquist that is really interesting. I am staying at a hotel at the moment with a IC7. I managed to connect it to Zwift using my Viiii HRM, but had exactly the same experience as you: RPM doesn’t transmit continuously! When I look at the data on Strava now, the cadence graph is just a series of peaks…as it was only transmitting the data every second. And my avatar was floating around London without peddling! Has anyone found a solution to this? Thanks

Hi. I have unfortunately no solution. I ended up buying a trainer :slight_smile: and at my gym with ic7 I connect with my Garmin fenix 5x and using the built in training computer with programs

I have the same issue: RPM doesn’t transmit continuously. I tried on IC5+Viiii and IC5+Garmin cadence sensor+Viiii