Jungle Loop

How can i forward through the jungle loop. This makes my rides longer than they need to be.

You can ride Tempus Fugit it is super flat and the are lots of people to draft off.


I’m not looking to ride a flat ride. I chose that ride because its hilly. I just don’t like that you ride through the jungle it slows you down too much. Which ride has plenty of hilly sections but avoids the jungle?

I get it, it’s different scenery but don’t slow down my ridge.

Ven-Top in France. Schedule a Meetup there if it’s not a guest world on the day you want to ride there.

ZwiftHub has a handy display of all course profiles.

The Jungle route has about 10 meters climbing per kilometer. In Watopia, these routes are comparable in that respect:

  • Big Foot Hills
  • Dust in the Wind
  • Figure 8
  • Figure 8 Reverse
  • Hilly Route
  • Out and Back Again
  • Sand and Sequoias
  • Volcano Climb
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Do sand and sequoias - the old growth forest is probably the best part of any Zwift map. Rolling hills and so much detail.


How much 1min?

Yeah 1 minute?

Nice thanks! I appreciate the feedback.

Perfect, thanks for the list!