Jungle loop is slower?

Just rode jungle. This is insane.

Looking At the graphics it just looks like some hard packed gravel road. But speed is dropping like you are going true deep sand or mud.

The way the graphics look it should only be a very minor speed drop.


Yep, I’ve complained elsewhere but this change is unwanted and has made the jungle route a chore. What do we get for our complaints? We get a bloke from zwift telling us we’re complaining and to suck it up (in so many words)

Switch the jungle back and make a new gravel course if you want this unpopular feature in so badly. Zwift has 9 developers and they’ve chosen to put this random feature in instead of implementing features that are highly requested.

Admit your mistake and roll it back.

I got my 3 year anniversary email the other day and I found myself wishing there was a viable alternative rather than looking forward to my 4th year.


Unfortunately for me, Road to the Ruins was part of two of my key fitness test routes. I’ve been riding it regularly for several months. Now I have to either pick a new route or reset my baseline to the new surface and hope it doesn’t change again.


Lesson learned, thinks will change, just like IRL. You faforite route may get new asphalt or it get some potholes or even an intersection.

Maybe zwift adds wind (please add wind) or you get a new smart trainer, or there is a new faster bike.


Do you feel a change in resistance on a smart trainer, when changing from asphalt to gravel road on the jungle?
My first smart trainer arrived today… so just asking.

I ride a Neo 2 and don’t feel any change in resistance at all. I just see my avatar slow by around 4-5 mph at the same power output.It’s ridiculous. I could almost be on-board with it if there was a resistance change because at least then it would feel like I’m on some sort of ‘grabbier’ road surface.


Have you tried RGT? It’s certainly not as refined as Zwift, and doesn’t have as many miles of roads, but it’s also free so perhaps it’s worth a shot.

Nigel nailed it; same resistance, but slower using my Wahoo Kickr.

To any Dev’s who read this, I want to let you know the reason I really got into Zwift. 1 1/2 years ago I got hit by a car. Said car broke my femur and now I’ve got a lot of titanium holding it together. This gave me a serious aversion to riding anywhere where there are cars, lots of other unskilled riders etc. Zwift was perfect for me in this way. Watopia was, a little slice of Utopia sitting right there in my living room.

However, with the resistance changes, this insanity if you will, is so bad it’s driven me to ride outside again verses Zwift. Yes, I dislike what you’ve done so much, it’s forcing me to overcome my very reasonable fear of getting smashed by another car. (…and possibly lose my leg if I break it again.) The resistance issue is that bad. Also, I can typically ride year round because I live in Florida too. What I’m saying in English is, I’m close to cancelling your service because your not measuring up to my standards.

Apparently all of the people I follow feel the same way as not a single one of them does the Jungle Loop anymore. I highly suggest you “suck it up,” admit to the error of judgement, and roll back this “update.” Everyone will think you’re being very reasonable. Listen to want your customers want, don’t force changes on us and then pretend it’s for our own good. It’s not. (I’m talking to you too Gerrie D.)


Hi @Chris_NX.

I am just giving counter arguments. LOL

Reading Zwiftinsider people seem ok with the change, looking forward to more changes.

Oh yes; one example in support for your position from a website full of the top 1% of Zwift users. I’ll take my followers data plus what I see here being said over another, obviously dedicated fan site.

Please, save it for someone else who doesn’t know better.


I feel for you Christopher,
like you, I was knocked off from behind this year.

Outside isn’t the same anymore. Hope you stay with Zwift. Its still great, but I agree that this change has not been implemented to every Zwifters satisfaction.


Thank you Troy.


Edit; if you ever find yourself around Tampa Bay, PM me and I’ll show you the safest places to ride outside.

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Not too many positive comments on the Zwiftinsider post about the new rolling resistance. The speed on tarmac is a separate discussion/point is it not?


Just changing the incline by 1-2% would be far more realistic imho.

So 0% on Jungle would be like 1-2% on asphalt.
Same for the MTB on asphalt.

Well, I don’t see that much of a problem for me personally. I’ll just ride slower to the Alpe :smiley:

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And that’s how I arrived here today to work out why I lose 5 to 8ks when riding in there noticed it the last 3 rides, dont like it either.


Personally I don’t like the new changes to the Jungle route.
I don’t want to be swapping bikes mid-ride let alone mid race.


I go out of my way now to avoid Jungle! It used to be one of my very favorite regular fitness tests. Change it back please!!!


This change is absolutely terrible! The Jungle Circuit has been on of my favorite training routes but the change eliminates my ability to compare efforts over time. There is clearly a preference among most of the respondents to change back to the way it was or at least make the changes much more subtle (like real life) so Zwift, please change it back!!!


Used to love riding the Jungle Circuit but not anymore. Please change it back Zwift.


… or just pave the Jungle Circuit!