Different speed by different underground

Hey all!
After the 7th TDZ Event i was suprised that i was so slow in the jungle part.
With the same power as the other riders, many of the other riders were faster than i.
On the hole event > 10 min.
On one part of the route if the underground was normal, i have the same speed and more.

My weight is correct included.

Is there a bug ? upside_down_face:


Hi @RSprotte, welcome to the forums. The dirt roads on zwift, mainly the jungle, have a higher rolling resistance than paved roads, so the mountain bike is much faster on the dirt.


The mountain bikes are a bit more than a minute faster per Jungle Loop lap than road bikes. They are however a lot slower on pavement than road bikes. You could tell the difference on TdZ stage 7 - the roadies started getting clobbered as soon as we hit the dirt, then recovered on the bridges (which seem to be set at a similar rolling resistance as pavement).

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Hi Mike and Robert,
thanks for the information and for the welcome greeting.

This is also what i saw on the jungle trip. The mountain bikes was faster than my road bike.
OK, but there were many road bikers they were also faster than me by the same power indicator.
Sometimes it was frustrating! :grinning:

There is not a configuration in the system if a rider can disable this feature?
But it is system relevant than i must train harder!

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There are also gravel bikes available in the garage/drop shop/whatever. Those are faster than road bikes on the dirt, but not as much as the MTBs. ZwitfInsider had, with constant power at a level I can’t remember, the Jungle Loop lap at a tad over 15 mins on road bikes, somewhere around 14:15 for gravel bikes, and sub-14:00 for MTBs. You may well have seen gravel bikes overtaking you…


No you can’t disable this feature.

They may have been different weight.

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