TDZ Stage 7: Longer Ride road bike?

I saw only after that the route was mtb doing it with the road bike will you be penalized compared to mtb? how?

Here’s a good link on that:

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On the jungle loop, gravel bikes are faster and mountain bikes much faster. A couple of minutes faster is what people claim.

How - well that’s somewhere in the Zwift algorithms. Your only control is bike/wheel choice to match the surface of the route.

For those treating the stage as a race, riding an MTB you just tough out the first 1.5k as the road bikes storm away and then rapidly catchup and overtake.

Denis, I did stage 7 twice, once on Tron bike, the second time on Mountain Bike. My power was the same, within 3 watts. The time for each loop around jungle circuit, however, was better on Mountain bike by as much as 2 minutes! This was a huge difference. On lead-in alsphalt, Tron bikes were much faster. Once gravel started, I was overtaking Tron bikes easily. Zwift actually encouraged people to ride the right types of bikes for the road, they wrote somewhere, buy a gravel bike for this stage. But as it turns out, mountain bike is even better.

You are only penalized by poor time when you ride this route on a road bike.

Ultimately, you do it for your health. There are no prizes. Any bike will do!


Everybody on the start line pointed out the MTB was faster so I didn’t feel overly bad as the road bikes went backwards the second they hit the dirt. It makes sense for people to experience the different physics of the game via TdZ, as a tour, that’s kind of the point right

Couldn’t agree more :heavy_check_mark::slightly_smiling_face: