TDZ Stage 7 Mtb or Road

Hi all. I’m riding the TDZ stage 7 tomorrow and heard it might be beneficial to use a Mtb. Anyone know whether a Mtb will make a difference or has ridden the jungle course on a Mtb. I believe the longer route is 4 laps. Thanks

According to ZwiftInsider, any MTB will have more than a minute advantage over the best road bike per (15 minutes) lap. That’s a 3 minute advantage, not counting the lead-in, for the standard ride. The gravel bikes are better than the roadies, but still concede approx 15 seconds per lap to MTBs.

Having done Stage 7 this morning, I confirm the difference is very large. I’d be passing riders on road bikes producing a lot more power than me. The only times this flipped around was when we were off the dirt - on the start (pavement), wood bridges and brick road segments.

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Thanks for the speedy reply, really useful. I think it will be a Mtb for this one!!

I did the short ride earlier on an MTB and started in around 200th place. By the start of the actual Jungle route I was in about 40th. Overtook so many on road bikes. On the 2 laps i was overtaken by a couple of riders on road bikes but in the faster parts I went past them so it seems MTB is the better choice. Finished in top 20 and on ZP 13th

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