Jumpy Riders

On today’s ride two real riders came up on me from behind. I tried to draft the first one but he jumped around. He would suddenly jump 10 meters ahead when I tried to draft and then suddenly was right beside me, then was suddenly ahead again. He was still in the right lane, but was just jumping very quickly backwards and forwards.

The second one passed me then started going all over the place very suddenly including completely off the road to the side, then to the other side of the road, then on the road, then into the grass again.

I did draft on multiple other real riders and AI riders, but those two had very, very erratic behavior especially the second one.

Might’ve been drinking.

I saw a little of this today too. I don’t think it was as extreme as what you describe but I definitely saw a few AI riders jumping around.

I was one of those riders!!! Jumping all over the place. I have no idea why. Spent about half the time riding and the other half jumping around. Any thoughts?

I see this with almost all the riders on the course, AI or otherwise