Joining rides - world selection and companion app/join timers

I guess I have two different requests associated with joining rides:

  1. When a ride has been selected in the companion app before starting up Zwift, that status shows up on the world/workout selection page when Zwift starts up… BUT, many times the world in which the ride is taking place is not available. This requires loading into another world before joining the ride. Why not make the correct world selectable or allow joining the ride directly?

  2. When joining a ride that starts immediately after a ride in progress there is a timer that reminds you of the start time and asks if you want to join the next ride. This is all good, but it would be nice to select a custom time for when you want this to happen (I find 2 minutes is plenty and 6 minutes is way too much). Also, sometimes the timer in the companion app does not trigger (on Android), so I need to reach for the mouse to prevent the automatic selection of joining the next ride. This is a pain and makes my mouse unnecessarily sweaty.

Hi @Johnny_Normus

Welcome to the forum. This maybe interesting.

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Thanks Gerrie! That definitely looks like it might take care of #1.