Joining friends on different servers

(Mickey Cheah [ASU]) #1

I’m trying to play zwift with a friend of mine on the opposite coast.  When I join the game, she does not show up in the list, indicating that we are on different servers.  Part of the appeal of this game is to be able to ride with people I physically cannot ride with in the real world.  Is there a way to pick the server or join a specific user?  If we both log on at the same time, we should be able to play together, but there seems to be no mechanism in place to allow this to happen.  Does anyone have any advice?  Thanks.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Mickey,

We actually only have on server on Zwift. Her display name may be different from her real name but if she’s in the game properly, she should show up.

Otherwise, her internet connection may have dropped her from the game server.

(Michael Henasey) #3

Eric C.

I’m assuming Zwift is always going to be one server, ala Eve:Online, correct?