Can’t join friends/friends not visible

Have done all the updates for Zwift and Apple TV and rebooted everything…but still after a dozen attempts the game won’t allow me to join any of my friends. Additionally, they can see me but I can’t see them on the course.

Any intelligence on this would be great…

What is the rest of your setup? Are you on a Wattbike or a Kickr bike?

I’m on a Kickr. Same as for the last 12 months. Nothing has changed. Just curious if this is a common bug.
Riding daily, very strange:
Very annoying!!! Can’t get any joy from Zwift support.

A Kickr trainer, not a Kickr bike?

Can you see anyone else on the rides? Are you always on your own in rides or is it only your friends that you can’t see?

It’s all good. It’s not my bike, it’s the platform. I’ve messaged them. I just wanted to know if anyone else had issues. Hopefully it will be sorted over night. Thanks for your reply