Join a Zwifter - Feature Plans [September 2022]

No other than once started riding drop your internet connection and all riders in game will disappear.

Hey all - keep your feedback coming!

Following our practice on Flint’s Competition update discussions - I’m setting this thread to auto-lock after 14 days. That’s so your comments are focused on this moment in time, rather than allowing future posts to resurrect this thread long after it’s gone stale.

We appreciate your warm welcome to @Alex_Zwift and others on the Product team reading along who’ve been working hard all year on the new Home Screen UX.


Definitely favorites first for me! That’s the only thing I care about. Make them easiest to find… preferably even have the ones you ride with most at the top… Actually, that might be the best solution and would wrk for all groups.

Favourites first makes sense. I’m not fussed about verified riders, but I do like the option to see and join a pro. That’s quite a cool and unique Zwift experience.

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First, thanks for returning this feature. It is one I routinely used to train with a friend who lives on the other side on the country. Yes, we could use a meet-up but neither of us are great with planning but often found one another with this feature last winter. I’ve also used to ride with a few others - though definitely more sporadic use. Like others, I’d feature zwifters we follow first, ahead of pros but to be honest, I could live with it either way. I think finding them regardless of world is a real plus, though I’d even be willing to look at the various worlds for friends if necessary.

Please make it searchable - favorites should obviously be first, but my follow list is quite long…


You had a working code for this function in the old UI.
Why don’t you just reuse it and pull the new UI over it?

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I assume that’s exactly what they are doing just question how to best present the riders available.

Like many above i think favourites first seems sensible or possibly have some sort of tabbed interface where you can choose between friends/pros but the main thing that was good with the old system you could see straight away on the old UI who was riding without having to navigate any sub menus

Legacy code and function probably tied in with stuff that doesn’t exist in the same way it used to. Zwift can give you the tickets and you can develop it in 3 weeks and showcase it for us all to use in the fourth week.

The old UI was a pain to use on Apple TV - trying to join someone who was further down the list was hit and miss.

Can I favourite the pace partners that I ride with so I can find them even more quickly? Also I really need to see what route somebody is on before deciding to ride with them.
Oh and can we make this available from the in-ride menu?

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Pace partners already have your recently joined ones shown at the left.

Or at least they do on macOS for me.

Knowing the route used is handy, provided the rider is still on that route.

Also for the evening rides, we need to know what route they are using without needing to use companion app. If there’s a way to do this on macOS I cannot see it.

option to search for a name would be nice

Yes you can follow and favourite the Pace Partners, though remember that if you do this for say Coco in Watopia, you have to do it again for Coco in Makuri as they are actually two different riders. I have already done this for the ones I’m most likely to ride with but my reason is so that they show up on my map in the Companion app. This way if a PP is approaching me when I’m out on a free ride (especially if they’re coming in the opposite direction) I can see well in advance and look up what pace they’re doing and decide whether to join them or not.


Great to hear its on the way back, When is the release date for these features?

Alex, I think it’s interesting to highlight “Just Ride”, and as in several comments, add:

  • Highlight favorite zwifters list
  • Add location where zwifter is

I also think it’s cool to have filter options and search zwifter.

Hi everyone, thank you all for the feedback you’ve provided! I wanted to give a quick update on how we’re proceeding based on this conversation. I do want to reiterate that our priority is bringing this feature back, so we may not make all improvements by the time this is live.

Our biggest change is with sort order: Favorited/Followed Zwifters will be first in the list, with Pros/Verified listed at the bottom. Within these groups, Zwifters will be sorted alphabetically. Our plan is to visually distinguish between Favorited and Followed Zwifters in the list, though that may be a follow on item.

Here are some changes we’re planning to work on over time but you won’t see right away. Some of these may need to wait until we’ve implemented a longer lasting design.

  • Show Join a Zwifter in the first carousel/row on the home screen (Instead of the “Just Ride” carousel).
  • Displaying the Zwifter’s current route/location.
  • Filter the Join a Zwifter list (eg by favorited/followed/Pro/Verified).
  • Show profile photos to make it easier to scan the list.

There was also quite a bit of feedback on how easy it is to get to and browse certain ride types (this post for example). We won’t address this feedback alongside the “Join a Zwifter” feature, but I do want you to know we’re paying close attention to this feedback as we evaluate the next major changes going forward.

Regarding the feedback on user privacy with Join a Zwifter, we are evaluating privacy more holistically at the moment, and so we’re not planning any privacy changes alongside this work.

Please continue to send feedback. We’ve extended the autolock of this thread to 10/14 to allow more time for your feedback.




Are you looking at a way to stop people joining you? or stop people seeing that they could join you? this seems like something someone also want.

It doesn’t seem like it will be addressed in the first iteration.

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ah yes, i missed that bit when i skim read it

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