Join a Zwifter - Feature Plans [September 2022]

But this only pops up when you’re starting a ride so you’re not anywhere yet…


Thank you everyone, this is very helpful feedback! I’ve kicked off conversations with the team to evaluate your suggestions. I’ll share out an update once we’ve had a chance to refine our plan.

I’ll continue to monitor this thread, so please let us know of anything else we should consider in our efforts.



For privacy and safety (and personal preference in general), it will be important to have an option that allows people to opt out of being joined. Is that something you’ll be considering as part of the new functionality?


That’s a good point, but that might just be a matter of another feature “make rider invisible”.

In the old one, you selected a world and it showed you who was there, I had forgotten.

Maybe forgetting how it used to work, that’s a justification then for the feature no longer being necessary.

You could add a filter like on the workout menu… favourites, following, pros

It’s great that you are posting here soliciting feedback. Thanks

Definitely helps to add which world… And route?

Nice work

Such engagment with the community is commandable. Thanks!

Je regrette depuis la dernière mise à jour que depuis l’ecran d’accueil nous ne puissions plusrejoindre nos amis connecté qui roulent hors évènement. Cela contribuait à un esprit de camaraderie qu’il n’est plus possible de faire maintenant et lorsque j’echange sur ce sujet sur le chat, tout le monde me dit regretter le retrait de cette fonctionnalité alors j’espère que les programmeurs prendront en compte cette remarque

The list should be:

  1. People I follow and marked as favourite
  2. People I follow
  3. Pro’s and verified Accounts

Just like it was in the old days … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


To mesh this list with comments in a different thread, the first item should be “People I follow and marked as favourite, who have also accepted the request to be favourited.”

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You don’t get an extra request if someone marks you as favourite.

Exactly. That is the request in the other thread to which I referred. Some people would like this changed because it’s a privacy issue if other people can see when you start Zwifting without you knowing, or wanting, that to happen.

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Valid point. Wasn’t aware that there is a feature request on this.

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  1. Riders who are almost to the top of the Alpe or Ventop. JK!

I’d vote for folks in my favorites/followed at the top, then fellow club members, then celebs and others.

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Alex lots of great suggestions and as expected everyone wants something slightly different.

From what I read across many forum threads is that individuals want the ability to choose for themselves.

My suggestion is use this reintroduction of Ride With to include a toggle on / toggle off option *1 so everyone can decide for themselves. If this can be easily programmed into the game and is popular possibly it will lead to a toggle on/toggle off option for other areas, such as HUD set up.

*1 - on/off whether you want to see feature at all and on/off for which elements/riders you do wish to see.

I would think that the Meetup feature would be tied to the “Activity Privacy Default”, where if you’re ok with other’s seeing your activities then one advantage/disadvantage of that is friends could meet up with you as part of your activity they can see… Then you have the “Approve Follow Request” privacy feature that lets you limit which people could see your activities if you have that Activity Privacy Default set to true…

Though I’m not actually sure if that’s how it works.

The main page of the new interface is too cluttered. I now need 2 click and drag actions to get to ‘just ride’ - and then I have to click on the “routes” tile to get options. “Just Ride” and “Ride with Friends” should be immediately visible, not hidden.

I LIKE the new-look workouts page. It’s far easier to get to my custom workouts (most of the workouts I do) and I really like the solid colour tiles for the time-based collections. Far more of the tiles need to be like that - the pictures used with text on them are too small and busy in many cases. And I’m using a 55" TV.

The mass of tiles on the front page is too much. Every Zwift facebook group I’m in has someone asking how they get to the rest of the pace partners EVERY SINGLE DAY. (it’s not immediately intuitive to click and drag the row, especially if you aren’t using a touchscreen) From my experience, that’s NOT a good sign for an interface feature.

I’d highly recommend that there be a better, more intuitive way to get to the other pages from the main page - the icons are weird, and not immediately apparent what they do if you don’t already know the zwift-used terms (garage - if I didn’t already know that Zwift called the menu to change kit and bikes the garage, I wouldn’t guess that was what that icon was for)

The best part of the old “ride with” function is that it was front and center right away - if I was jumping on Zwift and didn’t have a specific plan, I’d immediately see a list of riders I follow who are riding (the fact that the pros were at the top above my friends was annoying), and if I saw someone I knew but didn’t have plans to ride with, "Hey, that’s Steve, I wonder how he’s doing - hit “ride with Steve”, and fire him a message, maybe do a voice call with whatever external app we share.

I don’t hate the new interface, but in some ways it feels like Windows 8 - shoehorning a touchscreen interface into a desktop just doesn’t work great without a lot of thought. I hope that you can get it working a little better quickly.


Is there an ability to boot someone from riding with you if they suddenly show up and you don’t want them to? A ‘Ride Without’ function?

Or even an ability to designate a particular activity as private/unable to be joined? Because I like my friends, but sometimes I want to be left alone.


If you’re riding in a meetup and can’t see other zwifters, it won’t change. They can’t join your meetup with ‘ride with’, they just get dumped into the place you’re riding and the same pedal assist as joining a pace partner.

But if I’m just free riding by myself and want to be left alone, I might be nice to set that particular day’s activity as ‘Unable to be joined’. My friends could still go to the same map and ride, but they wouldn’t be dropped in right next to someone who doesn’t particularly want to hang out at the moment.

I would like it to show join a swifter after I choose a route. Then it should show who else is on that route.