Jersey Totals

Our life to date jersey count totals should be tracked and put up on our profile and rider nearby profiles please.   It will encourage us all to grab jerseys.  It should also keep track of doubles, triples, quads, fivers, and the elusive sixers as well !!!

That is FANTASTIC!   Are Jersey totals already being tracked ???

As I just had a "flyer"blast by me with no power, no heart rate, and no cadence, I wondered … For these Jersey Totals will Zwift keep track and share data on Jerseys won WITH powermeter and those WITHOUT, I hope?

Do you keep separate totals for Jerseys WON outright versus jerseys INHERITED when previous holder retires?

Team Zwift … Do your secret Jeresy totals differentiate between a jersey that is earned instantly and one that is inherited later when another rider retires or 60 mins have lapsed?