Cummulative 'total time held Jersey'

(Alain Menager ZHR (G)) #1

It would be good to have a cumulative ‘total time held’ each jersey…a cumulative total time held each of the jerseys (for this session and all past sessions combined).

(Duane Gran [Vision]) #2

That is an interesting idea.  Just to expand on it a little, if the goal is to recognize people who hold the jerseys in competitive situations it might make sense to have a weight factor based on the number of concurrent riders.  So if I hold a given jersey for 10 minutes I get 10 points (for example) but the scoring would be affected as follows:

  • If there are 30 other riders the score is 10 * 30, or 300 for those ten minutes.
  • If there are 50 other riders the score is 10 * 50, or 500.

These points would be separate from the main points accumulated by distance.