Jersey Achievement On Activity List - Image Attached

(Jonny Noblett) #1

I think it would be good to have some sort of Jersey summary for achievements on the Activity Feed so you can see when you have got the achievements like below.

(John Bytheway ZHR E) #2

Agreed, frankly the whole website interface needs a major overhaul, its almost like hey you can link to Strava and Trainingpeaks so we dont have to bother. 

At least show us what jerseys we have won, how many times and how long we held them in total and per ride, those sort of things Strava does not show us, admittedly it would be nice to have decent graphs of our efforts as well especially considering the amount of people that use workouts…a nice feature would be showing the average watts per individual interval so i can see how much i fade over a session, currently i have to select each interval in strava which is slow winded.

Sorry i digress and am hijacking your suggestion!