Jersey Error on Group Rides = REPEATABLE

(> Happy Runner) #1

You sign up for two group rides that overlap so that you can get a very long group ride in.

You start out with your personal jersey.

When RIDE A is about to begin, you are taken to the starting are and now are wearing RIDE A’s jersey. During the ride, you are correctly wearing RIDE A’s jersey.

When RIDE B is about to begin, you are taken from your current ride and transported to the starting line and are now wearing RIDE B’s jersey.

RIDE B starts and you are now correctly riding with RIDE B’s jersey.

However, in the middle of RIDE B, when the RIDE A group ends, you are now wearing your PERSONAL jersey, despite there being time left in RIDE B.

(Jason K) #2

Since you’ve got a support ticket open that we’re investigating, I’m going to close this thread. Thanks for the report!