Jarvis island

I miss Jarvis island.

The island is simple and motivating. The length is perfect.

I feel Watopia a bit busy. Lots of turns I feel less sense of stability. Having wambling. Once I finish a lap, I tend to give up riding another 9 kilometers. A steep hill in front of me prevents me from riding.

Jarvis island is perfect. Once I finish a lap, there’s a flat road in front of me. If I want to make another lap, I only have less than 5 kilometers to go. I do it.

I love Jarvis island much more than Watopia.

In terms of simplicity of the path, I love Richmond more than Watopia.

Thanks for the feedback Sadao!  If you haven’t tried it yet, next time you’re on Watopia, try riding it in reverse by pressing the down arrow on your keyboard or using the u-turn button in the phone app.  You’ll do some more gradual climbing and never hit that huge steep hill head on.   

I’m sure it isn’t a really high priority, but I’m sort of nostalgic for a spin back on the “old” island.  It would be fun to get Jarvis back into the rotation.  

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Of course it would be good to have a choice of courses 5km short ones, city ones, and the likes of a 50km epic one.

If you have a huge user base then multiple rides makes sense…but if only 100 people are riding then you sorta have to all be riding the same course to have a decent amount of social interaction. If it’s really a problem then you could always go with a powermeter and “dumb trainer” and do your workout, regardless of the course.

At least that’s my understanding, hope it helps :slight_smile:

I love zwift because many people riding on single course that facilitate social relationship, much better than lonely riding like many other virtual riding software.

At the same time I love riding among the forest, or underneath the sequoia roots, which watopia doesn’t have. I remind, or even feel kind forest breeze when riding Jarvis island.

By the way, I have found that watopia became much better today. The small village adjacent to the sprint looks very good. If you cultivate some sequoia forest somewhere on watopia, I give up Jarvis island:)

I would hope that when Zwift goes ‘production’ that choosing the course would be possible. Even if it’s a premium feature. You can easily encourage people into one place or another by making it the default unless you choose another or just displaying how many riders are in each.

Just like in real life, sometimes you want a social ride with others, sometimes you just want to ride on your own.