Bring back Jarvis Island as a new world

This was an existing request but it was Archived.

Zwift isn’t an old product but already has a rich history. There have been many new worlds and many expansions to Watopia, but one thing has remained true in that Watopia gets added to and the original ‘hilly’ loop is still ridable.

There’s one major part missing from Zwift’s history and that’s Jarvis Island - similar looking to Watopia but still with its own feel.

Of the new World Choice functionality Jon Mayfield said “With Watopia being a hub it also means our guest maps can be smaller, more experimental, and even seasonal allowing us to introduce fresh rides without having to spend so much time making something that can support 8,000 simultaneous Zwifters.”

This suits bringing back Jarvis perfectly. It can be brought in as a new world available occasionally and it doesn’t matter that it’s too small for 8,000 riders, when Watopia is available at the same time.

I request that Jarvis Island be the next new ‘world’ to be developed.

But wasn’t it tiny? What worked with 20 concurrent riders might not be as much fun with 300.

I didn’t get Zwift until after they killed Jarvis. How do you think it would stack up if a relatively large number of people selected it?

(I’ve voted for it because I never got to see it so I’d like to, but I’m still curious.)

Here’s an interesting article on why it’s not so easy to bring it back, also a nice video doing a lap of it.

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I don’t buy it. OK, Jarvis was programatically designed, but now they have more control not less. I’m sure they could create roads that aped the island, given they can almost perfectly recreate Alpe d’Huez…

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Yes. You can’t just flip a switch to reactivate it. It can be recreated in the same way as any new world or road is created.

Which should be a piece of cake since it’s only 3 miles of symmetrical road (I think).

Jarvis Island is Zwift’s lost civilization of Atlantis :wink:

Advanced for it’s time before it sunk into the ocean