Stuck on jarvis island

i got back to zwift after a summer of riding outside. After a 20 minutes software update i was ready to finally have a look at the Richmond course but found myself riding alone on Jarvis island (last Friday afternoon, Oct. 9).

I’ve been stuck on the clockwise Jarvis since i started using zwift last winter, i never got to ride it counterclockwise and never got to ride Watopia even if there software updated itself automatically a few times. 

Hi Martin,

You’re still stuck on version 1.0.3509 (we’re up to version 1.0.7745 right now). My suggestion? Uninstall Zwift, download the latest installer from our website under ‘Free Trial’ and let it update. This way you’ll have the latest ZwiftLauncher (which you should use to launch Zwift) as well as the latest version of the game


I uninstalled and uploaded the version from the site (says version 1.0.16). Every time I launch it crashes after a few seconds while launching. Message is:  ZwiftLauncher has stopped working: A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program.

My IT guy at work does not know what the problem would be.

Any recommendations?

Try launching it as Administrator.  That worked for me when mine went a bit weird.  Never had a problem since.

Thanks for your feedback Ross. We sorted it out last week. It was a firewall issue. Got IT to remove the firewall for Zwift and I was good to go.

The company doesn’t like having all sort of personal programs on our laptops but I convinced them that exercising on Zwift at night while I travel for business was better than me going out for a steak dinner! Now I can zwift and have a nice burrito to go. Win - Win!


Hah! Glad to know you’re finally up-and-riding!