ITT event module

(Frank Wold KISS (B)) #1

ITT could be done so much better than today. Imagine if we had our own designated start time slot, riders would start 1 min apart based on rankings and you would have unique graphics that would resemble a TV production.

How awesome would it be to get time splits and real time rankings underway?

Just a thought…

(Nigel Doyle) #2

Great suggestion.

(Zee Kryder) #3

No need to as recently explained on zwift race by Nathan Guerra. The only reason for staggering tt riders is to prevent drafting. TT bikes on zwift can not draft. so all riders start at the same time.

(Frank Wold KISS (B)) #4

Not what I´ m talking about. These are changes to make the format of ITT more entertaining and more “real” than whats the case today.

(Zee Kryder) #5

You don’t need splits when you are racing side by side.

I understand what you are talking about. It just isn’t a good idea in my opinion.

For long ITT, watch the live splits on zwiftpower.

(Nigel Doyle) #6

But if everyone races together then it isn’t really a TT, it just becomes a regular Zwift race with the only difference is there’s no drafting. I reckon the time gap should be customizable by the event organizer depending on how many entrants they expect. They may want say 20 second intervals if there are lots of entrants and 1 minute if there are not that many.

(Zee Kryder) #7

Its pointless. Don’t know why you can’t see that. And why organize 20 to 40 separate races when they’ve designed a system to do it all together which has none of the downsides of your intended format? 

If you want a separate ‘time trial’ then you would really want to do a ‘Smackfest’ or ‘Hammerfest’. This opens a window for people in all time zones to participate without a 10 pm or 5 am start time.

Look into those. (Hasn’t been a Hammerfest since Feb) 


(Matthew Whitwell) #8

I think you’re both right in some way. I 100% agree that Zwift time trial experience could be improved. More splits more pop ups etc like tv production. But this can be achieved via a mass start format which is more convenient for riders and developers. Come in Zwift lets extend the split functionality to make ITT more absorbing.

(Paul Yeatman) #9

I’ve ridden x2 time trials in Zwift. One was mass start. One was individual TT riders going off at 30 sec intervals.

The staggered start was much better than mass start. The whole point of an ITT is pacing on your own. The mass start style is “just a race” as pacing is dictated by those around you.