Issues Pairing Kickr Core with PC Windows 10 ver 1909

Today for the first time I tried to use Zwift with a PC. Been using it for almost a year with an Ipad and have had little to no issues.

The problem I had was the inability to pair Zwift with my Kickr Core over BLE even though Zwift was able to find my Tickr and Assioma Duo pedals just fine. It never saw the Kickr Core at all during the search phase. Tried rebooting everything a couple times each. I have version 1909 on my PC.

I found some stuff about version 1903 update breaking the native BLE ability for Zwift but assumed that 1909 had fixed those issues. I tried the MS suggested workaround, it did not work.

In the end I ended up using my Ant+ dongle and connected the Kickr and it worked fine but I would rather use BLE to keep things simple.

In my experience ANT+ is far more reliable when using Zwift.

Stick with ant+, it is much more reliable than bluetooth.

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