Issue with Makuri Island

If possible, change one thing at a time to see if you can figure out exactly what fixes it (if indeed you are able to). That would be useful. :+1:

Start with just increasing the RAM, which doesn’t need any work at all beyond physically installing the SODIMM.

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Thanks Dave, yes will do. It’s probably going to be 3-4 days before the extra 4GB of RAM arrives, will post the result / outcome once installed.

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Update as promised and it’s good news! The extra 4GB RAM arrived on Monday and I have installed it (now up to 8GB) and run the various restarts as instructed by my laptop. I’ve jumped on to various routes on Makuri Island and everything appears to be working correctly, all of my power, cadence, heart rate information is being displayed along with the nearby zwifters list. So far so good, although I see that another upgrade has just landed tonight (fingers crossed). Looks like it might have been as simple as my laptop not having enough RAM to run the additional graphics on Makuri Island. Now that I’ve ridden it a few times there does seem to be a lot going on, I’m sure they will be healthy distractions for the tougher sessions!

Thanks to everyone for your help, advice and patience on this, it is very much appreciated.

Good news. I still don’t believe it’s to do with the capacity as such though (as in, that you ‘need’ 8GB), as shown above it’s fine on Intel integrated graphics with just 4GB. I suspect it’s more to do with how the game has been coded on Ryzen APUs; that’s been the common denominator on these threads. As I said previously though, you’re miles better off with 2x4GB in your setup anyway. :+1: