ISS Space Station should get Zwift

I looked to see if there was a post about the stationary bike on the space station, and indeed, Donald_Munro had posted a great link.

Well, the latency is 3-6 seconds in normal communications, plus the regular Zwift servers of about 1 second… They should get a Smart Trainer up there and Zwift. Imagine Zwifting with an ISS astronaut.

I saw mostly curious about the ISS bike because I had read an article about the 4 pairs of old socks used as vibration dampers (now 10 years old) to prevent the cycling vibrations from interfering with on-board sensitive experiments.

I think having a Peloton bike, a smart bike, and Zwift or TrainerRoad, would be a huge win for whoever was involved. They would have to likely use a heavily modified ‘bike’, and maybe limit the upper end, but that would be interesting. Putting a small server to support rides would eliminate latency issues, and just dropping the data to Strava would be no huge drain on bandwidth. Live rides would be problematic, but maybe rides could be recorded and replayed so others could ride with them.

But I can’t imagine NASA would want the residents of the ISS doing zone 4 or 5 workouts and passing out afterwards. Plus sweat management would become a much larger issue too I’m sure. :smile: And who gets the supplement contract? :open_mouth: :upside_down_face:


I think it would be cool for us earth-bound riders to ride with, and give rideOns to ISS Zwifters. Also, it probably would make it more interesting to the orbiting riders, to do Zwift… the social aspects. Indeed where does the sweat go? And the drivetrain for their bike is totally enclosed - can’t have micro chain muck clogging up filters, and experiments, onboard the ISS.

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But would it be considered weight doping ? :grin:



I could see new qualifications for astronauts: ‘How much do you sweat?’ :hot_face::hot_face::hot_face::ocean::ocean::ocean: ‘No bike for you!’ :anguished::man_facepalming:t2:

Ha ha - that’s great!