Is there anything to explain how Zwift works?

Have spent over 2 hours trying to work out what to do to set up Zwift. But there is absolutely nothing to tell me what to under ‘pairing’ there are two cons with a trainer - ‘poet source’ and ‘controlable’ do I connect one or both? I have connected both. The screen has so much info on it, it’s hard to know what is going on, but there are no help screens or explainers, no ‘settings’ option. I eventually started pedalling but speed was varying massively between 35kph and 2kph, despite everything being constant and on a flat course.

Welcome. This may be useful.


And about speed: How Does Zwift Determine My Speed?

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Yes you want both power and controllable paired. What kind of trainer do you have, and what devices are you using for Zwift (PC, apple TV, phone, etc.)?

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Zwift have a playlist with a lot of how to videos.

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No. Zwift is too busy fixing bugs because their app is barely stable and they dont have time to tell you how to use it.

Fixing bugs already? They’re still busy releasing new bugs the way I see it :slight_smile:

Zwiftinsider has a lot of additional information about the ways parts of zwift work, such as levels, XP points etc.