Is my ftp decent

Hey guys, I’m 18 years old and have been in love with running and cycling for the past 4 and a half years, but have only took it up seriously in the previous 2 years. I’m currently getting ready for my first middle distance triathlon and I was wondering if a ftp of 220 is any good on the bike, or is it sub optimal for a competition like a middle distance triathlon. I’ve completed my first half marathon back in may this year with the finishing time of 1h 30mins feeling still pretty fresh. My triathlon is on the 18th of September so I have around 3 months to perfect my craft. Is this enough time? Would appreciate all of you more experienced people to give me some feedback. Thanks!

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It is hard to say if we don’t know more about you. a 220FTP for a 100kg cyclists is a lot different than a 220FTP for a 50kg cyclist.

This could help you to get a ball park idea.


Ah man you are 18, really dont worry about the numbers and enjoy it.

Dont get hooked into thinking the world revolves around that little number. Its just there to set your training zones - Just keep improving them and that will happen naturally over the next few years

The only advice I would give you, at the end of the day its a foot race to the finish so keep working on running off the bike…


Thanks for the advice, I am enjoying it, and in only looking forward to getting better at it, will definitely work on my run!

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I’m 185cm and I weigh 65kgs, thanks for the reply :+1:

Your craft doesn’t need to be perfect. Just train for the conditions of the event (distance, elevation, heat, aerodynamic position) and expect to learn as you go. It’s almost impossible to get it right the first time. The best way to get coaching advice is from a coach. You might be able to get that kind of support from a local club. Good luck at the races.

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Thanks, sounds reasonable, appreciate the advice