Is it possible to DQ a rider so they don't get ranking points?

Here’s a fun ZwiftPower “feature” I confirmed over the weekend thanks to my new Tiny Race “no sniping” rule.

If you DQ a rider, the points they WOULD have earned for their result, although they don’t show up next to their result, are added to their overall ZwiftPower ranking points.

So the riders still get the benefit of an improved ranking, even though their race result says “DQ” and shows no points earned.

Makes no sense.

My question: is there a code I can put instead of “DQ” that will cause ZwiftPower to not give the rider those points? Or is there no way to make this happen?

I think i will Join next week just to get DQ on the 4th Race. and get some Points. @Eric_Schlange_ZwftIn


Eric - love your support of the Race Ranking system - A good Race Ranking system has to be the way forward.

I don’t work for Zwift and I’m not a Race Organiser so I can’t answer the question you have asked.


I would turn your question around and ask you

Do these racers now have the Race Ranking they deserve? - either through merit or through a dubious route towards a race win?

As we hopefully move towards a much better Race Ranking system with Pens decided by said Race Ranking system shouldn’t we be happy that those racers desperate for easy wins are moved in the right direction, as opposed to being allowed to see a nice (easy) win with no downside?

I say give them a Race Ranking upgrade - I suspect they will never make it to the top and will never achieve the ranking, or the number of wins ( under a Race Ranking system ), they desire.

Ian - I think you’re looking at it wrong. Most people aren’t trying to make their ranking worse, they’re trying to make it better.

The fact that they still get the ranking points for in this case, cherry picking riders who are doing a multi-day effort, or ‘smurfing’ in lower categories, or whatever, is not a good thing.

Craig - I beg to differ. I don’t think anyone is currently thinking about their Race Ranking position - They are thinking can I get an easy race win.

Nobody (?) Is thinking Race Ranking points at the moment because it means absolutely nothing.

@Ian_Attoe did you not read the 2nd post ?


Ian - I’m thinking more about ranking points than I am about power metrics…


Of course I did - but wasn’t going to rise to the bait.

So my question to you - honestly, lots of easy gold medals in D or feel better about yourself racing in C, and I’m sure eventually in B (or above.?)

eventually in B?

i was the King of B’s at the start of 2017. well know why i had gone down to D. i am man of word.

Tell me why.

I would expect nothing less.

  1. Buy smart trainer and Zwift subscription
  2. Race only one of the tiny races to increase Zwiftpower race ranking
  3. ???
  4. PROFIT!!!
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Changing the Tiny Races disqualification codes back to “DQ” overnight hasn’t done anything negative to Zwiftpower rank scores overnight so far, in fact mine for whatever reason mine has apparently improved from 309.82 to 308.23 (but my racing has been very sporadic over the summer, so there may be more at play here)! :rofl:

Didn’t someone on the ZI article comments suggest a code or two that scraps all rank points? Yep, Michael Boardman suggested “ZP” and “ZRVG.” Whether that was pure guessing, or actual knowledge, I’ve no idea.

People who constantly write on forums how others profit from ZI tiny races do not know what they are talking about. The competition there is so strong that you have to be super super good to get into top 10 even when taking part in one race. And if you are super good the chances are you can earn your points anywhere else. There are several combined races there on Zwift (Aussie crits to name one) but so far nobody has had the urgent need to disqualify/punish an unprecedented number of riders and spend so much energy on that while neglecting the main reason that Zwift misses a proper infrastructure to host such combined races.

Agree, it’s probably a fringe problem. A mediocre rider still won’t beat someone with a ton of sand in their bag at the top of the results, even if they’re fresh. Also agree to a degree with Ian’s point in some circumstances, ie someone who does first two races and scores points and doesn’t do next two, they earned the points in those two races just as validly as people finishing the full series.

I also don’t think it makes sense to remove DQ results for people out of cat, since scores are cat agnostic.

That said, and despite what i said above about it probably being a fringe issue, in Eric’s case nullifying the results clearly makes sense if a rider is scoring points after missing earlier races, given the nature of the series.

I didn’t finish race 3 on a bluetooth drop and it irks me a bit to see my ranking change from DQ result (came 6th in race 2). I’ll also be irked when these points go given they were won fairly, but those were the T&Cs of the series I signed up for so I can’t complain.