iPad Pro usb c hub

Hi all,

Can anyone recommend a usb c hub that can do power delivery to the latest generation iPad Pro and hdmi out?

I have bought one from Amazon - but it doesn’t do the power delivery even though it claims to.


I haven’t been able to find one that works either…be very keen to find out if anyone has!

Check out the OWC USB-C Dock from Macsales.com.

How do you have yours setup? Went into my local bike shop today and the Tacx handlebar mount isn’t large enough to hold my iPad Pro.

That’s a bit pricey! :slight_smile:

Oops, Had MacBook Pro on my mind as I also use it with Zwift. With my iPad Pro 10.5 I use the Lightning Digital AV Adapter. On my MacBook Pro 2017, I use the equivalent USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter. Both adapters have a port for a charging cable and hefty power adapter.

As to mounting my iPad Pro, I have it on a tripod in front of the bike.