iMac > USB-C > HDMI


Before I order all kinds of stuff I would like to know if the one I came up with works. I would like to run Zwift on my 2019 iMac. However, the trainer is in another room. So I want to go to the TV via a 3 meter long USB-C cable, a USB-C HDMI hub, and a 5 meter HDMI cable. And an ANT+ dongle in the USB-C hub. Anyone who has experience with a similar setup? Does this work well? And does audio come through too?

tnx, Johan

Are you happy you can do everything you need to via the companion app if your Imac isn’t with you?

The iMac works fine. The sensors also come in via ANT+. The only problem is getting the picture on the TV with the bike. But in the meantime I have found that it is not such a good idea. So ordered a USB-c to HDMI adapter with a 10 meter HDMI 2.0 cable.