Ipad charging/HDMI out

Hi All
noit sure if this is even a good place for this query but starting here anyway…
so just started using Zwift on iPad Air and ‘it’ chews thru about 17W / hour cos I like to send the AV out to a big monitor. Means I can prob get up to about 110 mins before the iPad dies.

Wondering if anyone has found / is using a multi USB-C adapter that supports both a charging solution for the iPad and the HDMI out - i see several on Amazon but unsure if this is a good solution.

Alternatively I’m looking at a Bluetooth / HDMI solution as a means to ‘cast’ the video out to my monitor

Any advice / tip[s wlecomed


The Apple Digital AV Multiport Adapter (or Lightning Digital AV Adapter for devices with a Lightning port) is a sure bet. Some of the cheap ones you see on Amazon are OK, but many are really garbage.

Awesome…cheers Paul