iPad freezes if changing screen brightness

Using the top right swipe-down options to change brightness on my iPad causes zwift to freeze. No way out apart from forcing zwift to close and loosing activity up to that point.
10.5 inch iPad Pro from 2017 model MPME2B/A running latest 13.5.1 OS and latest zwift.
Anyone else encounter this problem?

Yes, I have the exact same problem since day 1.
Contacted the support team 2 days ago and was told to make sure that I had the latest app version.
I just installed the latest release and I’m going to try it.

After making sure that both iOS and Zwift app are up to date, I still have the problem.
It seems to happen almost exclusively on rides with 100+ riders.
As soon as I adjust screen brightness and get back to Zwift it freezes.