Ipad bushido

I have the iPad Air first edition. The minimum for swift. When I start the app and start biking on my bushido it will not find my trainer. With Ant+ and computer its ok in a second but I can’t get it connected to the iPad App. 

Somebody a trick?


Best Rogier

Using Zwift on the iPad requires Bluetooth Smart (BLE).  It depends on which Bushido you have.  There are several variations: Bushido ANT+ ; Bushido BT (which will not work with Zwift) ; and Bushido Smart (model T2780) which has ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth Smart, and this one will work with Zwift.



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Hi Phil, 


I have the Bushido Smart (model T2780). Thats why I don’t understand why the app keeps searching for the trainer. Any tips? Should i re-install the iPad and only install Zwift? Now also the Tacx app is on the iPad…

Best Rogier

I also did the firmware update…

Hi Rogier,  does the Bushido pair successfully to the Tacx app on the iPad?  If so, this will validate the Bushido’s bluetooth signal.   Also make sure that when trying to pair the trainer to Zwift, you do not have the trainer currently paired to anything else.  Bluetooth allows only one pairing at a time.  Close any other phone/iPad apps that might be hijacking the trainer’s bluetooth signal, which would prevent Zwift from seeing the trainer.

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You need to ensure you disconnect the Tacx app before attempting to pair with Zwift as BT will only connect one app at a time not just one device and often the app is still locked to it in the background.


Hi Steve, thanks for your comment. I will do a compleet new install and instal Zwift only. I will let you know if this helps…

Best Rogier

You can still have the Tacx app installed [as you may need it at some point for firmware updates], but do not have the Tacx app running and paired to the trainer if you are trying to pair the trainer to Zwift.  

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Hi Rogler, 

There’s a number of reasons you might be having trouble pairing your smart trainer or devices, and we’ve outlined all the ones we’re aware of in this article.

Give that a read, and if you’re still having troubles, please submit a support ticket and one of our friendly Zwift support colleagues will be happy to assist you further.