iOS connectivity

I think the new iOS app is awesome and works great when plugged into an apple TV with an HDMI cable (wasnt so reliable with wifi) but would it be possible to keep the blue tooth devices connected if you need to go off the app say to change music etc.

If I swipe to spotify say, it loses connection to my kickr, cadence and HR and the whole ride pauses.

Spotify and other apps seem to keep connectivity via blue tooth eg to headphones even if the app is running in the background.


We have a fix for bluetooth connection restoration coming to the iOS version soon.  Currently it isn’t working as we had originally intended, and are testing our fix now.

Dear Jon,

Can you provide an update on this? I’ve tried running Zwift in the background in order to watch YouTube in the foreground. But as Richard describes, this seems to completely pause the communication with my trainer (Tacx Vortex).

Thanks for the effort and all the best

This would be a really useful feature especially when answering an SMS or other activity…still not working.


I downloaded the iOS app today, and the app still drops all my bluetooth connections when it goes into the background. This is very frustrating, as I can’t access my music app, or Apple TV app when running Zwift.    

According to the following post dated today, Feb 13 2018, “You can lock your device’s screen, or send the app to the background while BLE devices are connected, and the app will continue to work”.

This should be an easy fix for your engineers - can you please have them address this in the next release of the app?