Introducing - Zwift Racer Rankings Done Right

Looks like Zon Ed has only lost ranking in all 3 of those races, so they must have been initially seeded very high. Hard to tell from their profile why they would be seeded that high to start with.

Possibly the 5 min 6.0w/kg in a race in August. Might have led to a high compound score which is now outside of the 90 day ZR window.

Probably a faulty trainer for a few days around that time producing quite unusual race and power performances.

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Indeed it will be due their high Compound Score used for the initial seeding. On the roadmap is a way to flag riders, and to hide riders from leaderboards that do not have an active race history. (the ranking is still valid though for the next time they race).

Out of interest, how does the system treat people who race on Zwift using aliases?

Just having a mooch around and noticed someone who had two different rankings on the system.

Good question, in theory it uses zwift ID. Can you DM me the example?

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You can now add riders to a Favorites list at This has been an often-requested feature to more easily visualize your ZRL team’s power profile.


Have an example? Fit files should be ingested as they become available

people saving their activities as private which isn’t against any zp or zwift rules or anything … but i joined the very first ranked race as a spectator (personally i was cooked the day after zrl) and a guy in my pen who saves all his activities as private was, to quote the esports .pdf, “using an unconventional pedalling style”. which of course wouldn’t show up in zwiftpower log in a private activity

i assume he is talking about people who save their activities as private, which sends a “green bolt” activity to zwiftpower with a sample rate of between 15-30s or so instead of the more precise ~1s

Why is private vs non-private determining the sampling rate of an activity anyway?

no idea. the last bit of coding i did was copy and pasting some premade HTML onto my myspace page back when i was like 12.


Actually, wondering maybe if there’s no sampling at all, and power from a private activity is just being roughly estimated from time/distance travelled for the rider, like Strava would do if you didn’t actually have a power meter.

The difference seems to be the availability of a fit file. Both public and private riders have data sampled live from Zwift, the difference is public riders then have a fit file generated that is then analysed for the moment by moment data. Maybe its something to do with the storage of that data file? That the rider owns that data in GDPR terms? I don’t know for sure.

Regardless, it’s the same problem for as it is for Zwift Power.

Amused to see that there’s a very clear trend here. Tiny Races improve my ZR ranking. ZRL improves my ZR ranking. WICR reduces it (despite having some results I’m really pleased with - probably just that I’m less good at long races than it expects me to be). But overall it’s not moving by a large amount. Which, I suppose means it’s “about right”.


Indeed. The default display is going to change a bit soon - under 10 point swing either way is basically… no change.

A random thing but a premise under this ranking is that it assumes everyone wants to improve it. People that race multiple times a week don’t expect to perform well at all. System kinda misses that main part for most is training and not performing at their best all times. This causes ranking to be off since people don’t race to optimize their ranking (I don’t at most races) and see significant drops. This is further exacerbated as choosing a race with ranks is not a specific choice, rather it’s just calculated using everything available without selection.

This is different to chess or most online games. Performance here is driven by fitness and we can’t be fit all the time. While in chess I will beat the same players time and time again and the same in FPS games. In a game of fitness, if I just did a massive effort the day before or the same day I can’t perform well again. I still want exercise and I like races to that end but it impacts my rank. When races get sorted based on this it causes quite some noise and randomness.

To that end I like the ZP method more to only look at best performances. Such a base as starting point would improve it in my opinion. Despite them having other problems that as a base seems logical to me since we have to accept that it’s a training platform to most.

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Do we? You may be right, but then again you may not. I have no idea.

This topic also fwiw has applicability to CE as well. That is, CP established perhaps based on a day/race when when one was rested and closer to peak, and then the same racer continues on and does 4-5 races/week and wonders why they were put in the pen they’re in because of some ‘flukey’ past performance that put them over the top.

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I don’t see that as a problem. The inverse here, where people will in essence be rated lower, as a problem though.

You are able to perform at that level. Just not all the time, then you won’t do as good as past performance indicates but that’s fine… You will when you have created proper conditions for yourself again.