Introducing - Zwift Racer Rankings Done Right

I really think you have made a very good foundation for a ranking system. Also that you are so dynamic and open to changes, tells me that this will only get better with time.
The theoretical problems I mention are not meant as a criticism, but more like things to keep an eye on. After the first season, we will know more.


Yes unfortunately it does create a small amount of rank inflation, but the seasonal resets deal with that. We discussed it for a long time because really the podium bonuses are not ideal, but they are very effective at solving the problem, and as far as we can see haven’t created any new ones. The accuracy across the board feels really good right now - the Compound Score initial seeding also helping a lot. It’s not a completely zero sum setup anyway, due to confidence factor additional points.

I mean it’s contrived in that it is completely hypothetical and includes no variation, but I think the ranking system does exactly what it should in that scenario - everyone stays the same, apart from the tops and bottoms swapping places now and again.

It’s worth a proper look to see if the rankings ‘feel’ right across the board. There’s far too much focus on the micro when it’s the macro that matters - do races feel fair, is there variation in experience, is there always something to fight for even if it’s not the win. The feedback we’re getting as the system evolves (and from races) is that it’s really starting to hit that now.

If you do want to get in to the detail the discord is the place to be, where Tim can show you the maths. There is plenty of scope for continuous improvement, although we’re feeling good about the fundamentals now and starting to move more towards functionality.


Any value in not giving podium bonus points if there are less than a minimum number of riders?

That’s already the case. Bonuses are scaled based on field size and not given if it’s too small

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Login functionality has now been added.


Great work @gloscherrybomb and @TimHanson, my apologies if this has already been asked, but is there any plan to add a ‘friends/following’ type of list to Ideally(?) based on the people that you are following on Zwift, but I suppose with Strava integration now that could be another option.

My ranking on it’s own is fine, and hopefully great for matchmaking in the future, but there is a group of people I race with regularly and it would be good to see where I stand within that group for some incentive to get my ar$e back into some proper training…

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Favouriting riders is likely to come very soon, judging by a comment from Tim today. You can also see how you stack up within your ZP club by clicking the club anywhere you see it.


What information will it actually pull from Strava?

I hope that Strava won’t be a requirement. I’m OK with not logging in if I can still use basic functionality of the app.

Just whatever is public from your profile.

Being able to login was becoming a bottleneck for some other functionality I’m hoping to add in the coming weeks and months. I really don’t want to be in the business of securing usernames and passwords so this is an alternative. The information isn’t going to be used for anything beyond the unique id that is generated and associated to your profile. :+1:


I don’t envisage login being a requirement in the short term to view rankings information. It’s going to be used for things like:

  • maintaining a list of favorite riders to view (frequent request)
  • grant access to an admin space to moderators
  • ability to request moderator review of a rider and/or result

There is a pinned link to the development backlog on the discord ‘feature requests’ if anyone is interested.

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Ok, thanks Tim. I’ve just logged in and claimed myself!

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Looks like Zon Ed has only lost ranking in all 3 of those races, so they must have been initially seeded very high. Hard to tell from their profile why they would be seeded that high to start with.

Possibly the 5 min 6.0w/kg in a race in August. Might have led to a high compound score which is now outside of the 90 day ZR window.

Probably a faulty trainer for a few days around that time producing quite unusual race and power performances.

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Indeed it will be due their high Compound Score used for the initial seeding. On the roadmap is a way to flag riders, and to hide riders from leaderboards that do not have an active race history. (the ranking is still valid though for the next time they race).

Out of interest, how does the system treat people who race on Zwift using aliases?

Just having a mooch around and noticed someone who had two different rankings on the system.

Good question, in theory it uses zwift ID. Can you DM me the example?

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You can now add riders to a Favorites list at This has been an often-requested feature to more easily visualize your ZRL team’s power profile.