Introducing the HoloReplay [2022]

The time has come to race against yourself… Well, actually an avatar of your previous self! The HoloReplay is live!!!

We are so excited to add HoloReplay to FutureWorks. But wait, what is FutureWorks? FutureWorks is a program that lets the Zwift community help us test new in-game features we’re developing and actively refining on an ongoing basis. Some products never leave FutureWorks. Others, like RoboPacers, graduate and become permanent parts of the game. This feature is currently being developed under FutureWorks, and we hope that HoloReplay will graduate soon!

The HoloReplay is a visual representation of your fastest pace within the past 90 days or your most recently completed segment. It allows you the opportunity to compete against your previous performance set during a free ride. HoloReplays won’t use a PR or recent completion data recorded in an event, race, workout, group workout, Meetup, Club, or group ride. You will have the option to choose between 4 different settings:

  1. Personal Best - Any PR set during a freeride or Pacer Group ride. At the initial launch of HoloReplay, your performance history is set to a 90 day rolling window with a start date of 16 Aug.
  2. Most Recent - This will spawn the HoloReplay from the most recent completion of a segment within the same ride.
  3. Both - This will allow the PR and most recent completion to spawn.
  4. Off - This will not spawn the HoloReplay.

The HoloReplay will be turned on automatically, with the default setting for “Personal Best. You can access the rest of the options in the main settings menu. It may show up as “Training Partner” depending on what language you run the game in, but it’s the same thing. Have fun!

If Both is selected, you will see one has PR in the Zwifters nearby and the other has PREV next to their name and gray chevrons similar to the pace partners.

Can I submit feedback for HoloReplays?

Please do! Let us know what you think! Want to learn more about HoloReplay? Check out this Support Hub article for more information or drop into the conversation below!

Love it!


I guess what I would really really like to see if a option to race yourself on a complete course. During free ride. I would do that every day if I could. I would work extremely hard to better my time if I had a holo to race. Being a holo it would be in my sights vs other players. Hard to find anyone in a random area that are right on your caliber.


How do I test drive this? Sounds great!

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ride zwift

load up the game and find your closest timed segment that you have completed recently. Zwift Insider showed the KOM as it’s about 1.5kms from spawn point of Hilly Route.

Awesome news! Is there a reason we can’t use a replay from a race or event? Is that a technical limitation or a product decision? It seems like the HoloReplays I’d be most interested in would be from a race or event.


Zwift Insider’s post all about this new feature (including a demo video from yours truly…): All About Zwift’s New HoloReplay Feature | Zwift Insider


For getting it out the door on time, it was a bit of both. Doesn’t mean it’s always going to be that way, though! This is why it’s under FutureWorks.


Pretty cool feature! Here is my video and article on this feature. Article: Zwift Holographic Replay Feature Released - ZRace Central. Video: Zwift Holographic Replay Released - YouTube


Sounds promising.

How does it handle loops, eg. if I’m doing laps of the Volcano and set a PR using HoloReplay will my next lap be based on that new PR and the bot up the speed?

What appears if you’re doing a segment like the Hilly Loop that also has KOM/sprints in it?

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Yes and yes :+1:

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This sounds good, but my instinct is that I’m going to want it on for some rides and off for others. I’m sure I’ll have a preference on whether it’s best or previous that I’ll use all/most of the time, but I think I’m going to want an in-ride on/off button, either to turn my ghostly self on occasionally (if I don’t use it much), or to turn it off (if I feel like having an easy ride today without being made to feel slow by some more energetic version of myself).


I love the idea of being able to compete against my own best time, but since I am almost always following a structured workout, not focused on hard to find segments, I guess I won’t be able to test this feature properly. It would be great to be able to repeat a work out, imported from TrainingPeaks and compete against my own best performance. That said, my focus is on 500 m and 2 km time trials on the track.

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You will see both bots and if you select previous and PR you will see 4.

So much fun been chased by 4 of your bots. :sunglasses:


Set to both does not seem to be working. Only tested on one segment but doing loops of a sprint on Neokyo i only ever saw a single bot.

EDIT - ok tried a couple more times on both the same neokyo sprint London so just go ignore me :smiley:

I don’t think you will see 2 if your PR and Previous is the same time.

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Do you have plans to set up a holo pacer per user’s request, e.g., climbing AdZ and following a holo pacer at 3 w/kg?


I’ll have to test again but given that my PR bot beat my second run i’m pretty sure on my 3rd run there should of been both.

not a big issue for me as I’ll get very little use out the feature unless it includes events so will see if others experience similar issues or just something odd i’ve done.