HoloReplay 4 Runners

In late January HoloReplay will be introduced for all 168 rideable routes. I’m proposing Zwift make HoloReplay available to runners.

HoloReplay would allow runners to have their own personal pacer running at their PR or most recent pace for the selected route.

Sound good? Up-vote this proposal.

This has my vote.

HoloReplay for runners would be much more useful than the RoboPacers in their current form.
I imagine that adapting HoloReplay to runners will take a considerable amount of work, so I propose that in the meantime at least Zwift HQ make the speed of Run RoboPacers adjusted to incline to incentivise people to follow route incline (maybe this is a easy to do adjustment) as I proposed here. Run RoboPacers as they are right now are useless, we already have the treadmill to run a certain constant speed.

Anyway, I would definitely use the run HoloReplay.