Introducing the HoloReplay [2022]

@Gordon_Rhino-Racing do you have the setting set to “Both”?

yes i’ll go test it again to convince myself it’s not just me back in 10 minutes :smiley:

EDIT - all seems good now strange but sure others will find a scenario if it’s buggy otherwise just blame me for not seeing the 2nd bot

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What about segments within segments, such as the alpe? Will there be a hollow for the whole climb plus one for each hairpin section?

Not currently, no. It will play back from the bottom of the Alpe to the top in one go.

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Can you give us a list of all the full routes this will work on, such as volcano circuit?

Ahhhh this is almost perfect.
One wish is if PR was actual all time best instead of last 90 days or if there was an option to select that :frowning:


It works on any segment with a leaderboard, which can include some full routes. So any time you see a leaderboard for a segment time, you’ll know that you’re able to record data on that segment (no u-turns!) and then spawn a HoloReplay.


Maybe I’m missing your point; but… how is a ghost going to help you in this case?

Sounds to me like you want to be able to compare graphs and charts from your previous ride; something you do after the fact; not something you can do simultaneously…
How is what you’re asking any different than just saving a workout and doing it again?

And if you’re using ERG… then… what’s there to compare?

Very happy to see this feature! Hope it expands for sure!

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Right, just want a list of those routes please…

Watopia hilly loop
volcano circuit
all the UCI worlds routes, Richmond, Yorkshire, Innsbruck
Jungle loop

what am I missing?

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Agree this is both fun and motivating. Truly useful feature.
Did you notice if the bot’s pace is linear or does it actually emulate your PR’s speed meter by meter?

yes, it is exact, and if you use steering it will also show where you steered left or right, etc…


…and if you used a power up setting the personal best then you’ll see the ghost rider using the power up - though I’m not sure about the ghost power up’s effect on a ghost rider!

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Top. Thank you. Some mentally tough moments ahead when you start not keeping up with yourself :slight_smile: They should age adjust LoL

… it is a full and accurate replay of your power output from when you set the PR. So in the riders list you’ll see the moment by moment power output of your ghost.

Looking forward to giving it a try and was wondering if/when this feature might show up. I’ve used them in driving games/simulators…aka “Ghosts” and found them very effective.

Will my holo eventually become self-aware and replace me in the real world, taking over my life as I become trapped in Watopia?


Isn’t this going to get messed up when your PB or previous hologhost came from a session where you had a group draft, or even used a more aero frame/wheel combo?

How can you be sure this hasn’t already happened?


More challenge! You’ll need to pull out all the stops, or arrange to be in a group to get the draft. My sprint PRs are all from Pace Partner rides where I’ve dropped to the back of the blob and sprinted through it.

If you really want purity, ride a (the same) TT bike for the next 3 months, and then some more. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’ll pick up PRs for free rides or group rides such as pace partner rides, but not group events/workouts/races.
If by messed up, you mean it sets an unrealistic target as you’ve ridden with the pace partner, you can turn it off. Not sure what the alternative is as those sort of rides are technically free-rides, just with a large congregation of riders

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